Vintage Baptism Cake

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Vintage Baptism Cake

It’s not every day your 5th grade teacher finds and adds you on Facebook! I was so excited to reconnect with my favorite elementary school teacher. She is one of the few people who helped shape me into the person I am today. Growing up in an Armenian community wasn’t always easy and thinking “outside the box” used to be very unconventional during my youth and more often than not I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst my peers. But this teacher embraced my “weirdness” and encouraged my imagination to roam free and flamed the fire of my unconventionality.

She was so proud of me when she heard that I started my own cake business and ditched the average 9-5 life style. To my surprise she contacted me to do her grandson’s baptism cake. If you told 11 year old me that I would one day bake a cake for my teacher’s grandson’s baptism I’d look at you incredulously (of course back then I used to want to be a veterinarian). Anyway, we met up for a consultation. Look, here we are:


Her instructions reminded me why I always loved her so much:

“Dare to be different! I don’t want anything typical or conventional. Let’s do a vintage design with a mocha cake with hazelnut filling”

She liked my idea of creating a pillow cake with sculpted doves and a cross, but didn’t give much guidance with the design. Designing a vintage theme for a boy was tricky- a little too many vintage details and the design becomes too feminine. The cake ended up looking like this:

Baptism Cake
When I was ready to deliver the cake I felt like I was submitting a final exam! I was a little nervous since my customer didn’t want to see the cake at all prior to delivery, she wanted to be surprised. As if deliveries weren’t stressful enough I now had the constant worry that she maybe wouldn’t have liked the design!

Lucky for me, she loved it! She told me she intentionally didn’t give me design details because she wanted to see where my imagination would take me. Again she reminded me of why I always loved her and her teaching style 🙂


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