Tips for a Home Made Cake

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Craftsy Cake Decorating Class

There have been many times where mom’s approach me for a cake quote and after hearing the price of the cake decide they want to try to tackle the cake themselves. Although this isn’t great for my business, I actually think it’s a great idea for people to make a cake at least ONCE in their lives. I think this for many reasons-
1. it immerses you into your child’s celebration’ll appreciate how much work goes into baking and designing a cake
3. next time you’ll order from me 🙂 just kidding…well, maybe 😉

I decided to write a blog post with some tips for those of you starting new! To start, you can purchase many cake supplies from craft stores like Michael’s, Jo-Anns, actual cake supply stores and Amazon! Items you will need:
– a non-stick roller to roll out fondant
– cookie cutters or shape cutters to decorate your cake
– fondant
– food coloring to color your fondant
-cake board
-fondant smoothers

I have put together all essential items for purchase through Amazon here

Store bought fondant is definitely pricey. I will tell you from now that the Wilton brand fondant is very difficult to work with because of it’s poor elasticity. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $10-$25 for 2-5lb of fondant. You can always make your own by googling fondant recipes, particularly marshmallow based fondant. I make my in house all the time so it’s not that difficult. Here’s a tip: add your desired color to the melted recipe instead of blending in the color after the fondant is made.

Next, bake your cake, fill it with your desired frosting and then frost the outside of the cake with buttercream. Make sure the buttercream recipe you use is 100% butter and not shortening based. Once you have a nice thick layer of buttercream, and it’s smooth, place the cake in the refrigerator and allow the butter to harden. This will make it easier to place the fondant on the cake. Here is a great free class from Craftsy on buttercream! 

Add the fondant to the cake. Here is my tutorial. The quality of the video isn’t the best since it was one of my first tutorials, but many people have found it helpful:

Once you cover the cake with fondant,  go ahead and cut out the shapes you desire to decorate the cake. You can find inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, the internet, or your child’s favorite cartoons! Please note that once you cover the cake with fondant and decoration, your refrigerator might have too much condensation and will make the fondant sweat and wilt. Place the cake in a box and cover the box with wrap so the condensation builds on the box instead of the cake.

In case you want to learn how to sculpt, here are other videos I have made! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!



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