Pink Floyd The Wall Cake

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Any Pink Floyd fan would understand the different themes in this cake. This picture doesn’t do the cake justice, because it doesn’t capture all the details I put to the bottom tier. The bottom tier represents “The Wall” album. I tried to mimic the brick detailing that the album cover had. On the sides, I have the image of the screaming man (like the one on the DVD cover) and that of the marching hammers.

The middle tier was by far my favorite! It represents “Dark Side of the Moon.” I absolutely fell in love with the prism and the spectrum of colors! They look so vibrant against the black background.

The cake topper is not cake- I actually covered a plastic pig with pink fondant. I chose the pig for two reasons: one, to represent “Animals,” and two, because Roger Waters always has a giant pig floating around in the concerts.

I baked this cake for my boyfriend’s birthday and I chose Pink Floyd because I got him Roger Waters tickets as a birthday gift. Since he loves to indulge, I made this cake extra decadent. The cake itself was chocolate, and I put one layer of dulce de leche (a south american caramel that’s absolutely delicious), and another layer of chocolate with home-made candied walnuts. I got a lot of compliments on the flavor and many requests for seconds!

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