Nikon SLR Camera Cake

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I received a cake order for a Nikon SLR camera cake for a camera lover. I have to admit, this cake has been a great challenge! I learned a great deal from sculpting this cake, and I even taught myself to cast sugar to make a lens!Unfortunately for me, we were hit with a major heatwave and no AC could prevent the lens from melting a bit. I’ll post the pictures of the lens when I first cast it, and then you can compare it to the final picture on the camera. I must say I was sorely disappointed! I am, however, very pleased at how nicely it came out on my first try. I never casted sugar before, I just put together the ingredients I had at home (sugar, glycerine, and water), and voila! I casted a lens.

The flavor of the cake was marble (vanilla and chocolate swirled together) with chocolate frosting. The consistency of the cake had to be a little denser than regular cakes in order to hold the shape. I initially made a fluffy cake and it fell apart as soon as I tried to create the base. I then re-made a cake with a denser consistency and had no problems!

Front view of the cake:

Back view of the cake (I inserted a picture using edible paper):

Button view (my favorite is the trash button):

Hope you like what I did!!  🙂


  1. This is so well made!! Your attention to detail is spot on! Very nice.

  2. thank you!! It’s always great to have feed back 🙂

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