Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

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A week ago, I was contacted for a Hello Kitty cake. My customer wanted a pink cake, Hello Kitty themed, and she e-mailed me a few pictures. She told me she liked the pictures where Hello Kitty was surrounded by friends. I chose the following picture, and told her I would sculpt the images for her.

I had never, ever before sculpted or designed a Hello Kitty cake! I was very excited for this project since I know she’s a favorite amongst so many people, and as usual, I like facing new challenges- they help me grow as a baker!
The cake was to be for 50 people, and she wanted a chocolate cake with bananas and strawberries. The fact that the cake was fruit filled made it challenging because I had to assemble it less than 24 hours before the delivery in order to maintain freshness! This meant I had to prep 4 days in advance in order to have everything ready to go the day of assembly!
First thing I did was get to work on the Hello Kitty sculpture. I called my sculpting assistant (my mom- this has become a family business), and we started to design her. I used my ever-so-handy ruler to measure the required height, depth, and width (don’t forget I’m an engineer), and measured her features in order to place the eyes and the nose in the proper dimensions. It was a lot of fun sculpting her! This is how she started off:
That’s me! I was working on her facial features first. Next came the body:

Next, of course, came her dress (the picture is the first one in this blog). The problem with Hello Kitty is that I sculpted her using gum paste. She ended up weighing about 5 pounds, which made me very, very nervous. I had embedded skewers in her body at the proper length to insert her into the cake, but the cake was frosted with buttercream, so I knew she would end up falling back and tearing through my cake.  I went through every drawer in my kitchen to see what items I had, in order to improvise a creation…I found a plastic Greek column decoration that just so happened to be that EXACT height of my cake! I couldn’t believe my luck (and I was proud of my creativity)! I inserted the column into the cake, and later on inserted the skewers into the column… I was so impressed that it worked out the way I wanted it to!

The rabbit and the baby bear were sculpted by my sister (occasionally known as Shakar #3. She’s a huge Hello Kitty fan and wanted to help out in some way), and the mama bear was designed by my mom. I designed the layout, and engineered the entire cake. The best part of this business is having my mom call me “boss.” 🙂 🙂 🙂  When I delivered the cake to my customer, she got really excited when she saw it and said “Oh my God! I have a Cake Boss kind of cake!!!” That was a huge compliment!

Below you will find pictures of the design! I hope you enjoy this work! Please feel free to share this post, and help spread the Shakar word around the world!


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