1. Are your cakes frosted with buttercream or fondant?

Our cakes are decorated with rolled fondant, made fresh in our shop! Fondant gives your cake a clean,finished look, and it is also much sturdier than buttercream in warmer weather. Fondant is also easier to transport, and allows room for a lot more design creativity than buttercream.

2. What is fondant?

Fondant is a type of frosting or covering used on cakes and cupcakes. Fondant on a cake creates a smooth, stunning, seamless covering on wedding cakes and other cakes for significant traditional celebrations. It is primarily made of sugar and water, and a cake covered in fondant is sealed in and hence can stay fresh for up to three days. We make all of our fondant in house and fresh for every order!

3. What is chocolate ganache and why do you use it on your cakes?

Chocolate ganache is delicious! It’s made from pure semi-dark chocolate and I exclusively use it under my fondant. Aside from complementing the flavor of your cake and adding texture, chocolate ganache gives cakes stability and allows me to give you the pretty sharp edges you admire on my cakes! With this said, my cakes are a little harder to cut into than normal cakes since the chocolate ganache hardens to a chocolate shell.

4. How much do your cakes cost?

Tiered cakes start at $7/serving, 3D or structured cakes start at $10/serving, ruffled cakes start at $10/serving, and gold or silver leaf cakes start at $10/serving. Price increases based off of design complexity, number of servings, number of tiers and the flavors you choose! We use fresh, organic free-range/vegetarian fed eggs that are collected directly from a local farmer. Our butter comes from grass-fed cows, we make our fondant in house and we use other top quality ingredients for all your orders! All of my cakes are designed specifically to your events, so you are not paying for an ordinary cake! You are paying for a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom cake and a true work of art!

5. Why do 3D cakes cost so much?

As cake artists around the world start raising the bar on cake designs, more customers have been wanting to order 3D cakes of people, animals, or food items. A lot of these designs require an internal structure designed with either pvc pipes, steel rods or whatever else the cake designer deems appropriate. It takes about 1-3 hours to design the proper structure for a cake because you have to calculate the center of gravity and weight balances. It then takes about 1-4 hours to build the structure using power tools (cutting, sanding, and making them food safe) and after all that we start carving the cake to the shape we desire. I average 10 hours for a detailed cake, 15 if we add bake time and clean time. Once the cake is done add a last hour of stress as we deliver these cakes, a true testament of our engineering skills.
So next time you order one of these cakes, you’ll understand why we won’t quote you anything less than $500 

Hope this helps explain why 3D cakes cost more per serving than tiered cakes

6. Do you offer sheet cakes and faux tiers?

We do not make sheet cakes for birthday parties, but we do offer sheet cakes if the customer wants to do a faux cake in lieu of real tiers. Our sheet cakes start at $350. Faux tier pricing depends on the design so please inquire!

7. Do you have a minimum price?

Yes- our minimum for cakes is $150.

8. Do you do cake tastings and are they free?

We do offer cake tastings! We offer a free 30 minute consultation and 2 complimentary cake flavors. Samples are presented as 4″ mini cakes but are not decorated with fondant. If you’d like to taste more than two flavors you are more than welcome to but they will be $10 for each additional flavor.

9. What is your delivery fee?

Delivery within a 5 mile radius of Van Nuys is free. Deliveries for specialty cakes cost $1.85/mile, round trip. Wedding cakes have a flat fee for setup and delivery due to more complex setups.

10. I am interested in setting up a candy buffet for my event. Do you offer this service?

Yes! We can design a candy buffet for your event! We take care of the setup, delivery, clean up and pick up, saving you plenty of stress and money during your event! Better yet, you can order your cake with a matching candy buffet theme for your entire dessert table! We have a $400 minimum for candy buffets (serves 50 guests).

11. My event is in a week, is it too late to place an order?

Unfortunately, our busy schedule can many times limit us from accepting short notice orders. To guarantee an order with us, we ask that you call at least two weeks prior to your event! With that said, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask for our availability! However, we do charge a $50 rush fee for last minute orders.

12. I’m allergic to certain ingredients. Do you offer custom recipes?

Yes, we can modify recipes for you, at an adjusted price. Please contact us for more details!

13. Do you ship your products?

Cookies and chocolates can be shipped anywhere in the world!  Unfortunately, designer cakes can only be delivered within 100 miles of Los Angeles.

14. Do you have a storefront? How do we place orders with you?

Currently we do not have a storefront but bake all of our items from a licensed kitchen! Customers place orders via phone calls or e-mails. Whenever we need to meet in person we find a central coffee shop to meet in!

15. Do you offer any internship opportunities?

As Shakar Bakery® continues to grow, we are willing to accept interns when possible. Submit your inquiries and we will let you know if we have any opportunities for you!

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