Hawaiian Luau Massive Roasted Pig Cake

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Glendale Adventist Hospital hired us to make a roasted pig cake for their Luau party. The cake was MASSIVE and sits on a full sheet cake board. I made the body using 3 4-inch tall 10″ round cake tiers, placed vertically. I made the mistake of not ganaching the tiers first and they semi-collapsed on me…so don’t make my mistake and individually ganache the cakes prior to inverting them! You can learn how to make chocolate ganache here and you can learn how to ganache a cake here. I used an 8″ hemisphere cake for the head. The thigs and legs are made using rice krispies and the snout and ears are modeling chocolate. I used Fantasia Fondant for the first time on this project. It was really amazing to work with…the elasticity was great and no matter how hard I tugged on the fondant, it didn’t tear! I think I found my  new fondant for sculpted cakes! I covered the cake with ivory fondant. It was my first time making a roasted pig cake and I know it isn’t perfect.The snout looks like the poor thing has an allergy to death… I made it too fat. Live and learn. I created the roasted look by hand painting with a chocolate brown gel + water wash, adding darker brown for burnt looks. I used 11 pounds fondant, 6 pounds chocolate ganache, and the cake themselves weighed about 5 pounds. Thanks for reading! Shantal Cake Wars Season 2 “Archie Comics” Winner      ...

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Slash 3D Cake

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Every cake has a story, and my favorite stories are always my sister’s milestone birthdays! She might get upset if I give away her age, so I’m going to call her milestone birthdays X and Y 🙂 When she turned X years old, she was pretty bummed to enter this new stage in life. To cheer her up, I made her the most childish Wall-E cake ever…it was that cake that spawned Shakar Bakery. When her Y birthday rolled around, she again started to feel down about it and I REALLY wanted to cheer her up and remind her that age was just a number. After thinking of a million design ideas, it hit me: SLASH!!!!!!!!! When my sister was 13, she had a ridiculous crush on Slash from Guns N’ Roses. I’ll never forget the stars in her eyes when we went to their concert in 1992 (it was a pretty awesome concert, and I’ll admit that Slash is definitely eye candy when he performs on stage). I wanted to bring back the stars in her eyes and make her feel like a teenager again. So now that I had the idea, how was I going to build him? I am a horrible sculptor when it comes to human faces! I avoid it like a plague because I seriously struggle to with facial proportions. But, as Barney Stinson likes to say (from How I Met Your Mother), “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!” It took me about 20 hours, but I did it! I used this picture as a reference:   Here are my pictures (with me posing in one of them):   My sister’s reaction was priceless and she did indeed have stars in her eyes again...

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