Four States in Four Days | #Shantalisms

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  Itinerary: May 23: fly Lax to Salt Lake City, rent a car May 24: Salt Lake City, Sun Dance Valley May 25: Arches National Park, Moab, drive to Four Corners Monument May 26: Four Corners Monument, Mexican Hat , Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, drive to Sedona May 27: Sedona, drive back to California The Journey It’s no secret I suffer from serious wanderlust. Without fail, I start to slowly wither away if I don’t travel somewhere (ANYWHERE) once every quarter of the year. After completing my trip to Singapore and Bali for the 2017-2018 New Year, I made a promise to myself to explore my own country the way I explore so many others. I traveled the coasts extensively and want to explore the rest of the states splattered across our vast continent.  I made a mental list of states I should visit and I decided I should focus on the main landmarks of our nation. Admittedly I have never been to the Grand Canyon, and by the end of this blog you’re going to figure out that I still have never been to the Grand Canyon 😀 I came REALLY close, but I was all canyon-ed out and decided nothing was going to beat Horseshoe Bend anyway! I don’t want to bore my readers since, like me, you want to know the details immediately. Before my trip, I scoured the internet in hopes of finding someone else as crazy as me to jam-pack so many cities and adventures into four days, let alone Memorial Day weekend. I found some good blogs, but no one was as crazy. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the blog you have been searching for!   Important tips: Pack a lot of snacks and water, and top off your car with gas at nearly every gas station you see because there are LONG stretches on the road with food, water or gas. You’re going to be using either the AC or the heater and you want to make sure you have enough gas on the road. A nerdy FYI: if you travel the same dates I did, you will be able to enjoy Venus and Jupiter in the night sky. They were like two beacons welcoming us every night. Honestly, we never felt rushed or crammed with activities- everything was perfect! I will state from the start that we totally winged most of this, and since we were traveling Memorial Day weekend we went prepared to sleep in the car. It was a good thing since all hotels/motels were booked! We found some dark, cozy streets to sleep at and it was totally safe. It was only 2 nights of sleeping in the car, so it really isn’t bad. But if you’re traveling for longer, I highly recommend getting a room because it does start wearing on you after a while (showers are nice, too). I stayed at a family member’s home in SLC, so we saved some money there, too. Day 1- Salt Lake City I’ve traveled to SLC several times and I never grow tired of Utah. It’s clean, beautiful and friendly! Their idea of traffic is so adorable and makes me smile every time. Come to Los Angeles and I’ll show you what traffic is really like! Anyway, we explored downtown SLC, discovered a cool little brewery (fun fact: the only way you can legally order alcohol in Utah is if you order food first. Also fun fact: alcohol in Utah is weaker. Gotta love Utah! We ate at the famous Red Iguana Restaurant   This meal was $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It easily fed the both of us. Drove to Sundance Valley and had a great time! It was my second time at Sundance and my first time taking the lift up to the top. At first when I heard it was $20, my stingy inner voice started to complain, but then I learned it was a 1 hour lift ride and it really was worth it! Day 2- Arches National Park, Moab, drive to Four Corners Monument Arches National Park...

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