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Slash 3D Cake

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Every cake has a story, and my favorite stories are always my sister’s milestone birthdays! She might get upset if I give away her age, so I’m going to call her milestone birthdays X and Y 🙂 When she turned X years old, she was pretty bummed to enter this new stage in life. To cheer her up, I made her the most childish Wall-E cake ever…it was that cake that spawned Shakar Bakery. When her Y birthday rolled around, she again started to feel down about it and I REALLY wanted to cheer her up and remind her that age was just a number. After thinking of a million design ideas, it hit me: SLASH!!!!!!!!! When my sister was 13, she had a ridiculous crush on Slash from Guns N’ Roses. I’ll never forget the stars in her eyes when we went to their concert in 1992 (it was a pretty awesome concert, and I’ll admit that Slash is definitely eye candy when he performs on stage). I wanted to bring back the stars in her eyes and make her feel like a teenager again. So now that I had the idea, how was I going to build him? I am a horrible sculptor when it comes to human faces! I avoid it like a plague because I seriously struggle to with facial proportions. But, as Barney Stinson likes to say (from How I Met Your Mother), “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!” It took me about 20 hours, but I did it! I used this picture as a reference:   Here are my pictures (with me posing in one of them):   My sister’s reaction was priceless and she did indeed have stars in her eyes again...

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