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Daft Punk Cake

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This is a LONG and very detailed blog post. The Back Story: I always dream big. When I decided to leave the engineering world behind (January 2013) and focus full time on Shakar Bakery, a part of me felt sad that I would no longer be able to do cool engineering work. But then I thought to myself “wait, why not incorporate cool engineering work into your cakes?!” If I succeeded in doing this then I’d mesh the best of both worlds and be a happy camper! I’ll be honest, ever since I started this business in 2009 I wanted to make a moving cake. Unfortunately as an environmental engineer, a chemist and a baker my knowledge was pretty limited and thus years passed without a moving cake. Until I met Garen Khanoyan, a  JPL engineer who happened to have degrees in electrical engineering and computer sciences! I met Garen after I wrote an article on the Mars Rover in 2012 (read it here) and I soon learned he was co-owner of , an online directory of vendors catering to wedding services (coincidentally I also wrote a story about this for the Armenian Weekly. Read that one here). I attended one of their bridal shows in March as a vendor and during a quick chat with Garen he asked the magic question: “Have you considered making a moving cake?” Let me tell you, I was pretty excited and my very loud “yes I have!” must’ve proved it. So now that I found my electrical engineer to help me make a moving cake, WHAT would I make? It had to be amazing, a show stopper, a really big challenge. Neither of us had ever dabbled into this sort of project, and Garen joined in on the fun knowing that no money was to be made from this. This project was for our own growth and learning experience! I actually found an excerpt from our e-mails dated March 13 2013, check it out: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ me: So while I was remodeling and organizing my kitchen today I got the first idea for a moving cake. I thought of a really creepy cake for Halloween that would combine movement and your sensor board. It doesn’t have to be this exact design, but the engineering idea is pretty neat. The design I’m thinking of is an evil clown. everyone HATES clowns. Now imagine you have an evil clown cake with eyes that actually move… and when you near the cake and face  the eyes move to look straight at you and the clown blinks. or if we want to get super creative, we can make it open it’s mouth and laugh.I don’t know about you, but that would make me pee my pants Garen: Creepy Halloween moving cake! Nice! we’ll need simpler designs first before we start moving too many parts! me: We have from here till October to practice with simple designs and work our way up. I think big! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since you’ve already watched the video, you can hopefully see that we didn’t stick to the “simple design.” Right about this time Daft Punk released their Get Lucky track teaser and that’s when I knew I had to make THEM! In 2007 Daft Punk toured the US and I missed their concert due to the stupidest reason in the world. My sister had EXTRA tickets and I didn’t go! To this day I kick myself in the butt about it. I waited years for a new cd so that I can redeem myself and go to their concert! So I decided to make a tribute cake for the French duo. I’d create my own mini-concert in case I couldn’t score tickets this time around! When I proposed my design idea to Garen, he thought I was crazy but the challenge was too awesome to turn down. I can tell you one thing: ignorance is bliss! If we knew how much work we were getting ourselves into, I don’t know if we would’ve proceeded with the project! I kid, I kid, this...

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DIY Cake Stands

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Every once in a while I find myself in over my head with work and I realize that I forgot to buy X material. Well, today’s X materials were 3 square shaped cake stands for a photo shoot! I went to 4 different stores to buy stands and found NOTHING! So today I learned that if you can’t find it, build it! DIY Square Cake Stands What you will need: Wooden candle holders to the height you desire Square shaped plywood pieces. I used 10″x10″ and 8″x8″ Glue Gun Paint Step 1: Gather your materials       Step 2: I stuffed my candle holders with cotton to fill the empty void. I took a wild guess that this would help the glue-ing process   Step 3: Center the candle stick holder and adhere using your glue gun (I used a ruler to make sure I centered it properly) Step 4: Paint to your desired color (note that the middle tier has a thicker base than original. I added a 3″ round plywood piece for stability)   Voila! This is a quick way to create an all-wood cake stand. You can also create stands using crystal candle holders with ceramic plates. Your options are endless. Price of my project:...

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