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Star Wars Wedding & Death Star Cake

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Designer Cakes | 5 comments

I recently designed an entire dessert table for a wedding. Part of the table included the Death Star groom’s cake for a huge Star Wars fanatic. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! I was told he even dressed up as Han Solo for the couple’s first dance!! Here is a picture of their wedding countdown: I snapped pictures (unfortunately they are poor quality, I’m sorry!) during the process, so here is a small pictorial! But first, the final product: My team and I sculpted the Han Solo and Princess Leia toppers. Originally, the bride had ordered the toppers from Etsy but they got lost in transit! When she told me this 4 days before the wedding, I told her we still had time to sculpt them for her! She said “Shakar Bakery to the rescue!” haha! Here are the toppers: the original toppers: Anyway, my Death Star fed 20 people. To make it you will need: 2 9.5″ Diameter Bowls Fondant Whatever cake flavor you desire- make sure you pick a flavor that’s dense. Angel food cake will NOT work with this cake Chocolate Ganache Dowels A thick cake board (I used a 20″ only because I had a display. You should get at least a 12″) Water to act as glue (a better version is if you purchase tylose powder and mix some into your water!) Silver Luster Dust Ok, let’s start!   1. Bake your cakes in the round bowls. I baked my chocolate cakes at 300 degrees for 2 hours to guarantee the center was baked through. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely, then wrap and place in freezer. This will make sure the cake stays sturdy 2. Prepare your chocolate ganache 3. Decide which hemisphere is to be your top, and which is to be your bottom. Once you decide the top hemisphere use a 3″ circle cookie cutter to make the indent where the laser beams are fired from. Note: in my picture you see a dowel sticking out from the center of the cake. That’s because I already measured my center and wanted to keep the hole from filling with ganache. 4. Prepare your center wooden dowel. Measure the total height of your cakes by stacking them one on top of the other (flat sides touching) and subtract 2″ of height. this should be the height of your center dowel. Cut wooden dowel accordingly to this height and sharpen the tip. 5. Prepare your cake board. Measure where you want to center your cake. Grab your dowel and using a hammer, secure it to that point. Remove the dowel and fill the hole with hot glue from a glue gun. 5. Cover glue with black fondant to keep it from touching your cake 6. Roll out your fondant and dye it two shades of gray: one light, and one dark 7. Cover your cakes with fondant, one at a time. Smooth out completely! Using a big brush, apply luster dust to give the fondant a metallic sheen. VERY IMPORTANT STEP FOR THE BOTTOM HEMISPHERE: while your cake dome is still facing up, start adding the dowels that will support your top tier! I placed 3 dowels on every side of the center dowel spaced out in 1/2″ increments towards the edge. I had a total of 12 dowels on my bottom cake, 13 including the center dowel. If this doesn’t make sense, just ask me! 8.Place a cake board on top of the bottom hemisphere (make sure you ganache the top of the cake). Carefully lift the cake and turn it over so that the cake board is on the bottom. Place the cake over the center dowel and mark on the cake board the place the dowel will penetrate. Flip the cake over again, remove the cake board and make a hole where you marked the board. This will make your life easier when you try to place the cake through the dowel. 9. With the bottom hemisphere facing up, start adding your panels. Note: this picture was...

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