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Figs in a cat-cycle

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As you know by now, I take pride in telling my customers that my cakes are completely customized to their wants and desires (as long as I approve of their flavor combinations. I once made the mistake of agreeing to raspberry jam with vanilla cake and almond frosting. I seriously gagged when I sampled the combination and called the customer and said I’m switching their flavor to something more palatable.Yes, I do that. Trust me, it’s for the best). Well, this bride-to-be really took my customizing to the brink! Here’s a little back-story: I know this bride-to-be because her fiance and I went to Junior High School together and remained friends, though we see each other very infrequently throughout the years. However, apart from being an amazing bass player, he’s also an incredible cyclist and has even raced in France (as I type this, I think he’s even racing cross country in the United States)! It’s no surprise that his fiance started to join him in bike rides and develop a love for the sport. My friend also has this really cute, yet insane, obsession with cats. She has a heart of gold and likes to feed random kitties in her street, and they of course all love her. Apart from this obsession, both of my friends ADORE figs (I share this passion with them). Figs are a really big thing in the Armenian world. It’s rare to meet one that doesn’t like figs, and every summer, if we’re not battling the fig beetles, we are battling each other to pick the perfect figs from the tree! Naturally, she asked me to combine all 3 of her loves into one cake, using fresh figs for decor. “I hope I’m not being too complicated,” she said. Her request wasn’t complicated, but it was really, really tricky. How was I going to incorporate all of these onto one cake without making it look tacky?!?!?! I decided to sketch out the ideas running through my head. I am a most horrendous sketcher in the world, and it’s custom for me to tell you “please don’t be scared of my drawings, I promise I sculpt better than I draw.” Here’s proof: Anyway, my client and I discussed flavors, and we decided to keep the fig theme nice and fresh. The cake would be made with a fresh fig jam, one layer of honey frosting, and decorated with orange blossom buttercream. I have to admit the honey layer was a little too sweet for my taste, but I really do lack a sweet tooth (ironic, isn’t it?).Here are some gorgeous pictures of the figs: Ok, so after decided on the flavors and design plan, I asked my wonderful graphic designer (my sister) to design the cats on the bike for me. At first I was going to go for an old timey bike (as pictured in my sketch) but then went for a more modern look. I started to assemble the cake, and honestly, I just let it tell me how it wanted to end up looking. Here was the final result: I was really happy with the end result! I showed this to a really good friend of mine, David (who’s music you should check out if you’re into dirty,blistering blues music- Spicehound Music co.) and he said “this should be on Pottery Barn.” This led me to post the picture on Pottery Barn’s facebook page, and they actually replied!! Cool, huh? Thanks for reading...

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