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Stingin’ 30’s

Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Designer Cakes | 1 comment

As we all know, entering a new decade is a big deal, and 30s are no exception! Some of us love the thought of turning 30, the rest of us hate it! My customer was one of the ones who wasn’t really looking forward to it, and she e-mailed me with a very funny request! My customer informed me that she  HATES bees, and since she had been running away from her 30s she thought it’d be funny to have a cake with 30 bees on it “chasing” her 30s! I loved the idea!!! This wasn’t the first time I designed a funny cake for someone’s 30th, and I was excited to design hers! At first, I took a practical approach at sculpting the bees. I tried to make the bees look real, but it just didn’t excite me… that’s when it was decided that the bees would look cute and cartoon-ey! I sculpted 30 bees, and decided the bees needed a Queen! The Queen had to be extremely cute and animated, so we gave her big Anime style eyes. Every time I looked at her I felt bubbly and happy inside! This cake turned out to be ridiculously...

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