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A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a previous client asking if I could please bake a Dr.Seuss cake for her friend’s party? The request had a funny timing in my personal life, because I had just spent some time teasing a good friend of mine for not knowing who Dr.Seuss was! Within a day, I got the Dr.Seuss cake order request, and I was able to teach him more about Dr.Seuss! The more I spoke about the cake, the more I realized there were people who were completely clueless about Dr.Seuss, my mother included! Once I started designing the cake, she was really confused as to why I was sculpting green eggs! It was hilarious, she just didn’t get the concept. Nor was she convinced that the Dr.Seuss hat I made was SUPPOSED to be crooked- she kept insisting I accidentally made a crooked cake! Anyway, this blog has a lot of funny moments! Let’s begin with the design. I played around with a few ideas, and settled on two. My friend was visiting from out of town, and she was curious to see what my ideas looked like on paper. This is where I learned that, even if my life depended on it, I can NOT draw on paper!!! I know I’m an engineer, and I should be used to drawing in 3D, but thanks to my current job, I’m used to drawing images with a top down view, as opposed to 3D. My friend took pity on my poor attempts, and took over the sketching for me. Here are our images…don’t laugh too hard at mine (it’s a good time to note that if you ever request a sketch from me and it looks horrible, please trust that I WILL sculpt what I said I would! Don’t trust the paper drawing). Please don’t laugh at my drawing! Ok, ok, go ahead…I did! I had so much fun engineering this design! I had to be really good with my dowels, because the weight of the cake on the bottom book was going to be plenty. So, this was the first time I was designing a book. I had no idea how to start, and I spent a good chunk of time staring at my cake.I decided to make the cover of the books bright green and yellow, so that the red hat would make more of an impression. IThe goal was to make everything look very cartoon-ey! Then came the hat! The hat was really tricky because I had to place it just right, and I had to make sure all the dowels were in the right place to secure the weight (and keep the hat in one piece!). I wrapped the hat in white fondant, and decided to airbrush the red. This was the first time I used my air brush on my cakes…let me put it this way, EVERYTHING in my kitchen turned red! it didn’t matter how far away from the table I walked, if I wiped an area, it turned red. The lady who sold me my airbrush kit told me my food coloring bottle should last me a long time… I thought it was a bad sign when I used it up in one sitting. Here are all the pictures of the end result. I had a lot of fun with this cake, and decided to make some cake pops with the left over cake scraps. When I went to deliver the cake, I couldn’t believe how well my cake matched the theme!! I could’ve chosen anything for this cake, but my colors and the books I chose matched perfectly with table cloth. Here is a picture of the full setup, and my adorable little customer! Thanks for reading!!!...

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