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Pomegranate Humor

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in Designer Cakes | 1 comment

Shakar Bakery® can’t get any more customizable than this!! I received a phone call a few days ago from someone I had met two months ago in Boston. He wanted to place a cake order for a pre-wedding celebration here in Los Angeles. The conversation went something like this: him: “I’d like to order a cake from you!” me: “great! what’s the theme?” him: “hmm…well, the bride is having a pomegranate themed wedding because she loves pomegranates. the groom likes to cycle. What do you think?” me: ::jokingly:: “how about we combine the two and do a pomegranate riding a bike?” him: ::laughing hysterically:: “can you do that? it’d be great!” me: “sure thing!!” Since the bride was a pomegranate fanatic, I decided to make a vanilla cake with pomegranate buttercream! Once I baked the cake and had it frosted, I gave my graphic designer a call (a.k.a my architect sister). That conversation went something like this: me:  “hey, I need you to design an image for me so that I can print it out on edible paper.” sister: “ok, what do you need?” me: “pomegranates riding a bike. I want it to have a bridal veil.” sis: “a WHAT? I’ve never heard anything like this before.” me:  “exactly! customized = unique” I think we can all agree my sister did an incredible job with the image!!! It was exactly what I was hoping for! When I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing, and I hope you laughed...

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