Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake

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A marine biologist commissioned Shakar Bakery for an “under the sea” baby shower cake for the baby she is expecting. The cake was to serve 50 people.  For decorations she wanted a scuba diving baby, just like this one here , sea shells, sea turtles, coral and random sea life  incorporated into the cake. With that in mind, I started to formulate my cake. I wanted two tiers, with the baby as a cake topper. I gave the scuba diving baby sculpt work to my mom, Elizabeth, because she has incredible talent when it comes to that type of work (I clearly get my talent from her). If you compare the image of the baby to the one she sculpted, you would all agree she did a MAGNIFICENT job! Elizabeth also sculpted the adorable octopus which is sucking on a pacifier and playing with a milk bottle, a baby rattle, and a starfish.

Everything on this cake is edible- all the figurines, sea shells, sea plants, coral and starfish are made out of fondant. The “sand” is brown sugar, and the pebbles are made from chocolate.  The mother-to-be requested white cake with vanilla custard filling.

The cake turned out to be a huge success! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Price of this cake: $5/slice

1 Comment

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