Pomegranate Humor

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Shakar Bakery® can’t get any more customizable than this!! I received a phone call a few days ago from someone I had met two months ago in Boston. He wanted to place a cake order for a pre-wedding celebration here in Los Angeles. The conversation went something like this:
him: “I’d like to order a cake from you!”
me: “great! what’s the theme?”
him: “hmm…well, the bride is having a pomegranate themed wedding because she loves pomegranates. the groom likes to cycle. What do you think?”
me: ::jokingly:: “how about we combine the two and do a pomegranate riding a bike?”
him: ::laughing hysterically:: “can you do that? it’d be great!”
me: “sure thing!!”

Since the bride was a pomegranate fanatic, I decided to make a vanilla cake with pomegranate buttercream! Once I baked the cake and had it frosted, I gave my graphic designer a call (a.k.a my architect sister). That conversation went something like this:
me:  “hey, I need you to design an image for me so that I can print it out on edible paper.”
sister: “ok, what do you need?”
me: “pomegranates riding a bike. I want it to have a bridal veil.”
sis: “a WHAT? I’ve never heard anything like this before.”
me:  “exactly! customized = unique”

I think we can all agree my sister did an incredible job with the image!!! It was exactly what I was hoping for! When I saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing, and I hope you laughed too!

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  1. Dear Shakar Bakery,

    My cousin form Boston requested this cake for my wedding: We were rolling over in laughter when we saw it!! My husband is an avid cyclist and clearly you got the wedding details! You hit the nail on the head, or noor shall I say? I wondered if you could do me a favor and email any high resolution photos you took of the cake so I can incorporate it into my wedding album. I have included my email address and would be eternally grateful. Tserkerut talar ays hamegh cake-in yev koyrigit ngarchutyan!

    Shad daghantavor ek!

    Silva ‘Noor’

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