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I don’t know where to begin with the story behind this cake!

Let’s begin with the back-story:
My best friend is finally approaching her wedding date! For those of you who follow my blog, I made a lot of cakes for my friend. I made the Kung Fu Panda, and her engagement cake, How Sweet It Is. She honored me by asking me to bake her bridal shower cake. Knowing how much I love to experiment, all she told me was “you can do whatever you want for the theme. I also want your chocolate raspberry cake.” It’s a known fact that my artistic abilities broaden with every cake I make for her.
Giving me free range is usually trouble – I spend long hours going through a million ideas, and then a minimum of 10 hours in the kitchen experimenting.

Anyway, my friend’s shower theme was a tea party, so I wanted to incorporate that into the cake. I settled on making a tea pot out of cake as the topper. Wanting to reduce the weight load of this cake, I sculpted butterflies out of gelatin. I sculpted the chrysanthemums out of gum paste┬á and chose shades of pastel pink, yellow and purple to celebrate Spring time!


The flavor was a huge hit, and I got plenty of compliments all day today, but I was happiest when the bride-to-be told me she absolutely loved it!

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