Holy Fondant, Batman!!

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Holy Fondant, Batman!!

Earlier this year, I got probably the coolest cake request ever! My customer said she was throwing a party for her son- it was to be a birthday party and a Baptism as well. They were expecting 150 guests, and she wanted a 5 tier Super Hero cake. She e-mailed me this picture and specified that she didn’t want the Robin or the Aqua-man tier:

As soon as I saw this picture, I went a little nuts over how ridiculously AWESOME this cake was! I spent a long, long time searching the internet to try to find the baker who designed this cake, because I absolutely hate stealing other people’s ideas, but I couldn’t locate the person. I decided to slightly change the design on each tier to make it more my own. The funny part is that once I posted the picture on Facebook , someone left a comment to let me know that the original cake was made by It’s a Piece of Cake! Isn’t social media incredible? This should also be a good lesson to all of you who consider plagiarizing any work!! Proceed with caution, because when people want to locate copies, they will!

But back to my cake. The customer wanted alternating tiers of chocolate and vanilla flavor. The design of the cake was a real challenge for me! I spent about 20 hours working on this cake, and I really fell in love with the Hulk tier! This cake weighed about 15-20 pounds, so I had to have some good help when delivering. I also didn’t want to assemble on site, so I used my handy-dandy Cake Safe to transport! Now, without further a-do, here are the pictures!

The cake arrived safely, thanks to my Cake Safe!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂



  1. Hi, I just came across your page, and I have to tell you, this cake is AMAZING!!! I am going to attemt to make a cake that has the hulks fist coming out of the side, so I was hoping you could give me some insight on how you did yours… How did you get it to stay without Gravity taking a toll on it? Also Did you use rice crispies for it to be light weight? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Mia~

    • Hi!

      I didn’t use rice krispies, I made it out of fondant and used a lot of melted chocolate as glue and some toothpicks to keep it up 🙂 If it’s going to be hot in your area I don’t recommend melted chocolate, try royal icing instead! good luck!

  2. I love the super hero cake it’s amazing you are very talented ,please could you tell me how much that would cost as my grandson is a super hero fan .thank u .

    • Hi Karen!

      This cake would cost about $900 here in Los Angeles!

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