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Shakar Bakery – From Enginieering To Baking

This week we are excited to feature Shakar Bakery on our blog! We recently met Shantal, owner of Shakar Bakery and we fell in love with her work! Shakar Bakery specializes in designer cakes that are unique and customized to your specifications and you can find out all about her work on the Shakar Bakery listing on Harsanik.com. We were very intrigued when we found out that Shantal has a Master’s degree in engineering and relatively recently switched her career from engineering to baking! So we spent some time getting to know Shantal and we wanted to share her interesting background with all of you, along with her beautiful work!
My love affair with cake design and decorating was an accidental one. It all started after I graduated in 2009 with my Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and had difficulty finding a satisfying and fulfilling opportunity. While soul-searching for my true passion I started to design cakes for friend’s birthdays, and had an “ah ha!” moment – I really enjoyed this, and was good at it too! I decided to take my future into my own hands, and created my own business! It was very important to find a unique name that reflected the business, was easy to remember, and was fun! After much thought I settled on Shakar Bakery and registered the business in December 2009. “Shakar” means sugar or candy in Armenian.
I’m a self-taught baker, spending countless hours using Google and YouTube as my educational and reference tools. It was a little frustrating at first, and I met many roadblocks along the way, but through trial and error, numerous hours of practice, and extreme frustration I pursued my passion and now I have incredible customers which make Shakar Bakery what it is today! I really enjoy working with my customers and getting creative with their cake designs. It’s challenging and very rewarding. Nothing makes me happier than reading an e-mail or receiving a picture of my creations from customers.
Currently I work full time as an Environmental Engineer by day, and focus on all of the wonderful cake designs in the evenings. Some of my hobbies include writing monthly articles for the Armenian Weekly, traveling the world, following astronomy, hiking, and playing the piano. Fun facts about me: I was raised in a Uruguayan-Armenian household and speak English, Spanish and Armenian fluently.
We love meeting Armenian entrepreneur who have started their own business, and we are thrilled that Shantal has pursued her passion and strength and created Shakar Bakery!
Shantal – Congrats on the interesting journey from engineering to baking and on behalf of Harsanik.com, we wish you lots of success!See more here: http://www.harsanik.com/blogs/blog/shakar-bakery-%11-from-enginieering-to-baking/

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