Han Solo in Carbonite Inspired Cake!

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^^^ That sound you hear in the video is my industrial refrigerator! I kept the noise since it reminded me of Darth Vader’s breathing!


There’s nothing more awesome than nerdy cakes! They require a ridiculous amount of time to make, but the final outcome is nothing short of phenomenal. This cake was particularly challenging, from the beginning to the very end of delivery (I blame the Los Angeles heat for that one… the front panel of my cake fell forward during delivery. Luckily it didn’t break, but it refused to stay stuck to the cake!! It was luckily a mild cake disaster and my customer was awesome about it). Anyway, ┬ámy customer wanted her husband frozen in carbonite and I mashed his features with Han Solo’s. Here is a work in progress shot:



And now the detail shots of the cake:


Han Solo 5 Han Solo 6 Han Solo 4 Han Solo 3 Han Solo 2 Han Solo 1




I think the best part was the official Star Wars instagram account liking my work!



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