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David Tutera and me!


Earlier this year, around March, I missed a phone call. The events that happened next were either destined, or showed how determined I can be when using my detective skills. The voicemail said something along the lines of “hi, this is so-and-so, I work with celebrity event planner David Tutera. We wanted to let you know that we came across your website and would love for you to work with us on one of the upcoming television shows! If you’re interested please call us back. We also sent you an e-mail.” After hanging up, I rushed to check my email since the lady didn’t leave a name in the voicemail, nor a call back number, and the phone number listed in my missed call was a generic work line. There wasn’t an e-mail anywhere to be found… I put my detective skills to use and started hunting down all David Tutera phone numbers until finally I reached someone who knew who called me! This is where all the fun started…

First and foremost, can I say how AWESOME it is that David Tutera’s team found my website and loved my work? I do all of my marketing myself so it was definitely a “pat yourself on your shoulder” moment for me. At first they asked me to do a wedding cake in June, but about 2 weeks before Amy Weber’s event, they called and asked if I would instead do a birthday party for a set of twins celebrating with a Chronicle of Narnia theme. I am a HUGE fan of that book set so I immediately said yes. They gave me full creative control and only ask that I send them sketches of my idea. If you work with me, you know I’m super self-conscious about my sketching skills (or lack of haha).

I tried researching my customer, Amy Weber on the internet so that I could get a better feel for her style. She is definitely a multi-faceted person with many professional hats! On top of that, her children are RIDICULOUSLY adorable!!!

It took a little while to come up with two different cake designs that would be both girly and boyish. I decided to make Madison’s more of a story and thought it would be cool to put images from chapters of the book on one tier, keep the top tier simple with her monogram, and create a winter design on the top. I REALLY love the first moment Lucy steps into Narnia in the books so I wanted to show case that!

For Levi’s cake, I was in a bind. I wanted it to be more boyish and I also wanted to really stretch my artistic capabilities. That’s when I came across this book art and decided to re-create it in cake form! The artwork is by Justin Rowe, here is the link:


Isn’t it amazing?!?! I fell in love with it immediately!

Now that I had my designs, it was time to get to work, and boy did I need a lot of time for these cakes! I clocked in 20 hours on Levi’s cake, and about 15 for Madison’s! I custom made the borders of the frames on her cake out of silicone molds, and it took a long time to place them on the cake and paint them gold! The design looks simple and easy, but it definitely was not!

Here are the finished pieces (more blogging after the photos if you care to keep reading!):




















Delivery day finally came and I was oh so nervous!! Not only was it 100 degrees, it was the first time my cakes were to be on television! The contract I had signed said I couldn’t sue them for anything said on the television show and since I know reality tv thrives off of drama, I was so worried there would be some drama around the cake. You never know if your customer will dislike the cake flavor and what if they said on national television that they hated my cake?!?! I would die. (clearly that didn’t happen since I’m still alive! 🙂 ) I drove out to Lobo Castle and was immediately in awe. A CASTLE in LOS ANGELES! WHAT THE WHAT?! Even more amazing were the decorations for the party! In 100 degrees weather I was suddenly transported to a winter wonderland. I was mind blown. The guests were to enter through a wardrobe, the trees were covered in snow, and even better MY CAKES MATCHED THE DECORATIONS PERFECTLY! I was so excited!

Anyway, I left my trusted sidekick (aka my mother) with the cakes in the kitchen as I went to figure out where I was to setup the cake. It took about 15 minutes to get everything organized and when I went to get the cakes she told me “a very nice man was getting dressed next to me and he said he loved the cakes.” I asked her “did he happen to be David Tutera?” and she said “how should I know?” I stared at her in disbelief but couldn’t stop laughing. It turned out it WAS David and I was elated to hear he loved my cakes!

Here are some photos of the setup:






When the episode finally aired, I was so happy to see they shot a close up of my business card! Someone in the tv industry told me that unless they really love your work, they won’t showcase it well. Needless to say, I was ecstatic, especially when I saw the reaction of my little customers!

Screen shots:












My business name in the end credits!





for facebook





The most amazing part? He reposted my instagram post!!!!! What an honor!


Justin Rowe also loved my work! I feel so elated to have done his work justice!!!




It was an incredible experience and I had a great time creating these designs! Thanks for reading!!


  1. My sweet shantel. I am so happy for you. You deserve all the good things coming your way.

    • thank you, rosie!

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