Classic Pool Table Cake

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Classic Pool Table Cake



I have to say, that this is my favorite Shakar Bakery cake to date! This cake challenged me in so many ways, and really put engineering skills to the test! This cake was commissioned for a 50th anniversary party. The e-mail asked for a classic pool table cake, and the customer specifically requested that the pockets have some sort of netting to them since she didn’t want me to build legs on the table cake. The other special request was to make some part of the cake diabetic friendly, since the customers husband was diabetic. I decided to make the cue balls out of mini-cupcakes, and experimented in the kitchen to come up with a diabetic friendly recipe. I also made a special diabetic friendly buttercream. The rest of the cake was a normal chocolate cake, and I made a Godiva liquor buttercream (for 21+ only!!).

So once we had our measurements, we started working on the cue balls first. I have to say, I never thought they would take so long to decorate, but we are very detail oriented people, and I wanted to make this cake look as real as possible.


I was really happy with the turn out!! I had to keep referring to the google images of the pool tables to make sure I was putting the numbers on the correct colors, solids and stripes, so there was quite a bit of back and forth.

Over all, this was one bad-ass cake. I hope you enjoyed the blog!






  1. I’m sure they loved it!!! You can see so much work has gone into it!

  2. #2 in the corner pocket

  3. Love it! Great job!!

  4. Amazing!!! Love it 🙂

  5. That’s AWESOME SHANTY!!! Way to go!!

  6. Omg that’s too cool!!!!! Bravoooooooooooo!

  7. I want that…wow Shantal, love it…so talented!

  8. Amazing! Great work! I hope one day to have you make a cake for me. =)

  9. really like the cake. what did you make the triangle out of? and the sides?

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