Candy Themed Baby Shower Cake

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Candy Themed Baby Shower Cake

My friend commissioned this cake for her friend’s baby shower. She called me up and said “Shantal, we want a baby shower cake, a candy theme for a boy. The colors are going to be blue, white and brown, and we want lollipops!!”
So after mulling over a few ideas, I came up with the cake you see pictured above. For those of you interested in replicating this cake, and you live in Los Angeles, I will warn you that those lollipops were definitely not easy to find. I had to do some online researching to find the shade of blue I wanted. I threw in the brown for some contrast.

Here is an up-close shot of the border details. I will give credit to my wonderful assistant, Nathaly, for sculpting the adorable little caramels out of fondant, which we placed along each ribbon. The green puffs are mini-marshmallows. We thought the soft green added a nice contrast to the cake.

Here’s the best part! The cake in full glory set up! I was so excited when I saw that my friend and I ended up having similar ideas with the shades of blues, and we even bought the same lollipops without even discussing details!

Hope you enjoyed this cake!


  1. Not only did the cake loook good, it ACTUALLY TASTED REALLY GOOD! Everyone loved it! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you Shakar Bakery,

    This yummy cake was for my baby-shower and I had no idea what it was going to look like. I just knew that I loved the rest of the cakes on your site and I trusted that I would love mine too. Thank you for exceeding expectations and giving us a cute and tasty cake that worked perfectly with our candy land theme. Look out for referrals and keep up the creativity :).

    – Sirun A.

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