Agra Hadig- Armenian First Tooth Celebration

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Agra Hadig- Armenian First Tooth Celebration

From the Library of Congress:

“The centuries-old Armenian tradition agra hadig is celebrated worldwide by Armenians, no matter where they live — Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, or the U.S. Agra means “tooth,” and hadig refers to a traditionally cooked wheat dish eaten on this occasion. The agra hadig celebrates the appearance of the baby’s first tooth. The mother props the infant up on a table or on the floor and places five objects in front of the child; the first object the baby selects predicts his or her future occupation. Before the child makes the selection, its head is covered using a veil or a scarf, onto which some hadig is sprinkled to signify a wish for fruitfulness.”

My niece sprouted 4 teeth in a month, so it was definitely time to do an agra hadig for her! We knew she was going to have a very elaborate event, seeing that she’s my niece, and her mother (my sister) is my partner in crime when it comes to designing party tables! (For those of you who don’t know, we go by the name Paper&Fondant when we collaborate on projects! I supply all the desserts, she supplies all the printables!)

We decided on soft pinks and oranges for the colors. I wanted to create a really cute and simple cake, and match my topper to my cake pops! Since this was a tooth party, I created an adorable tooth topper, and made teeth shaped cake pops! The flavor of the cake was vanilla cake with an orange blossom whipped cream filling.My sister created really cute cupcake toppers, and a super awesome banner for my cake! For a splash of color, I chose to add macarons to the tables! Now, I don’t bake macarons mainly because the recipe is too time consuming! I purchased the macarons from Napoleon’s Macarons and everyone loved them! They will definitely be my go-to bakers for macarons!

The table really turned out beautiful! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

My niece went for the whisk and bowl three times!!! (signifies baker) My brother in law wasn’t happy so he made her choose again and she went for the tamborine (I also play music). Again, he wasn’t satisfied and groaned when she picked the level (I’m an engineer and my sister an architect). Conclusion: She’s going to be just like her mama and aunt!

thanks for reading! <3 If you’re a mama planning an agra hadig, don’t be shy and hire us for your event!

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